PlayStation Twitter Briefly Claims Their Databases Have Been Hacked – News

The official PlayStation twitter, Sony’s account for sharing PlayStation news and updates, briefly popped up several tweets today stating that their accounts and databases had been compromised by a hacking group OurMine. The tweets were quickly deleted, but not before we were able to capture the tweet extorting Sony and claiming the act as one of a security company.

It is not clear what Sony’s reaction will be to this issue, but it is not the first time hackers have attacked the company. In 2011, PSN was infamously taken down for an entire month after a hack that compromised every PlayStation Network account. More recently, hacking group Lizard Squad took down both PSN and Xbox Live during the holidays.

Our Take
It’s never a good look when your social media accounts are taken over by hackers, but at least Sony managed to delete the tweets quickly before it became very embarrassing.

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