Talented YouTuber Portrays Bowser Jr. With More Than 23,000 Dominoes – News

YouTuber TheDominoKing, known for his elaborate domino setups based on pop-culture and video games, has depicted Bowser’s infamous son, Bowser Jr., in his latest project.

In the video below, you see the entire artwork, which spans an entire room. TheDominoKing says that it took five days of work and that he used 23,400 dominoes for the creation. This one in particular was so large that he didn’t have room to use multiple cameras to film the final product. “I usually have extra cameras setup around these projects however I didn’t want to chance setting them up since there was very little room left,” he writes in the description.

Check out the impressive creation below.

For more of TheDominoKing’s work, take a look at his domino projects dedicated to Yoshi, Sonic, Shovel Knight, and more on his YouTube channel

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