Blizzard Teases New Details About Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony – News

Blizzard has posted some new details about the fate of Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony, though they raise some tantalizing questions. Specifically: What are we looking at, here?

The info comes in the form of a series of in-universe transmissions between several of the scientists who were working on the colony. They include details about behavioral issues among the facility’s gorillas, which include the one we now know as Winston. The final image shows a map of the Horizon Lunar Colony, which went dark after an airlock malfunction.

[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
This is interesting stuff if you’re into the game’s lore – something that remains comfortably out of sight for people who just want to play the game – but what, if anything, does it mean for players? Blizzard has revealed new characters and updates through similar world-building teases. Is that what we’re looking at here? The detailed floor plan makes it easy to assume that we’re looking at another new map, though Blizzard likes to avoid doing the obvious. Case in point: Doomfist.

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