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As much as we like to champion them as a creative medium, there’s still an undeniable “toy” aspect to video games. Every generation, we get some new tech (whether it’s motion sensors, cameras, or headsets), that makes me think we’ll never escape the comparison to children’s playthings. This feeling gets worse anytime I look backward at history.

So we want to know: what’s the weirdest controller you’ve ever used with a game? Mine is the bongos controller for Donkey Konga, a game I was for some reason really excited for? I would draw note diagrams for the game at school based on old gaming magazines I’d read (including Game Informer), and when I first got my hands on the thing, I was prepared to have good times for at least weeks. The excitement quickly faded, however, as I realized the game wasn’t all that great and it was hard to really use the thing if you didn’t have a table nearby.

So what’s yours? Still have that Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller? Do you have DDR mat stashed somewhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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