Oregon Trail Creators Return To Educational Software – News

As reported by MinnPost, former members of the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, or MECC, are looking to develop a new piece of educational software. The software is titled Re@l Experiences At Life, and focuses on real-life STEM study areas, including forensics, vehicle traffic flow, and invasive species. The goal of the software is to broaden STEM coverage, to cover a wide variety of careers and subjects.

Once completed, the software will be presented as a web portal that offers various ways to study, including streaming and classroom elements like reading materials. Re@l plans to launch after it finishes raising $500,000 in funding. You can read the full MinnPost story right here

Game Informer’s own Joe Juba write a feature detailing MECC, including the company’s inception and the creation of hits like Oregon Trail. You can read it right here.

[Source: MinnPost]


Our Take
While it sounds like a far cry from Oregon Trail, Re@l Experiences At Life could be a great tool for kids to learn about careers they might want to pursue later in life. 

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