Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Moses Recreated In Lego Worlds – News

YouTube channel Bearly Regal tapped into its inner La-Li-Lu-Lego in a recent video showing off Metal Gear Solid’s classic Shadow Moses Base built entirely in Lego Worlds. It’s an admirably detailed recreation of one of the most recognizable locations from the PS1 era, complete with the iconic helicopter and a facsimile of Solid Snake in Lego form wielding a tranquilizer gun. You can check it out down below.

Lego Worlds may have just released, but if passion projects like this are any indication of the possibilities for the game, it should have a long creative future ahead of it. You can check out more Bearly Regal recreations here, which include Star Wars in Halo 5, and The Simpsons in Minecraft. 

[Source: Bearly Regal via Gamerant]

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