See The Nintendo Switch’s Guts In This Hardware Teardown – News

Everyone was impatient to get their hands on a Switch last week. Whether it was compulsively checking Amazon for a shipping notice to arrive or waiting in line for hours on launch day, gamers couldn’t wait to bring the console home and start playing… with at least one exception.

The teardown team at Fictiv got their Switch and promptly took it apart to examine the console’s hardware before blogging about the inner workings of the Joy-Cons, console, and dock station. Complete with pictures from every step of the disassembly, Fictiv discusses everything from design changes in the controllers’ hardware to impressions of the kickstand to advice for DIY repairs. This thorough guide delves deeply into what the Switch is really made of and is worth a look for Switch and tech fans alike.

You can also check out our (less hardware-invasive) review of the Switch here.

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