Koei Tecmo Announces Dynasty Warriors 9 With Short Teaser

At this year’s Jump Festa expo, Koei Tecmo showed off the first, short teaser trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9.

The first mainline title in the series since 2013, the game will once again return to the battlefields of old China after several spin-off games explored crossovers with series like Gundam and Zelda. You can watch the Japanese teaser below.

Don’t let the number eight in that teaser fool you: The Japanese title for the first Dynasty Warriors game is “Sangokumusou,” while the second is known as “Shin Sangokumusou.” This would make “Shin Sangokumusou 8” Dynasty Warriors 9.

Besides the announcement, we got a few details about the game. Since this is series’ 15th anniversary, Omega Force producer Akihiro Suzuki says the team wants to make it a “rebirth” for the series. As such, the game will strive to be an open-world game and will feature Zhou Chang (another character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the book Dynasty Warriors draws heavy inspiration from). No platform or release date for the game was announced.

[Source: Siliconera]


Our Take
I can’t say I’m the biggest Dynasty Warriors fan, but the open-world concept piques my interest a little bit. 

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