Reader Discussion: What's The Strangest Gaming Promo You've Taken Part In?

Gaming’s a weird hobby. As much as it can be a prestigious form of art, a valid medium of expression, and a way for people to connect with each other, it can be a strong avenue for cringe-inducing promotions. Also, we sometimes take part in them because they offer sweet loot.

So we want to know: what’s the weirdest gaming promo you’ve taken part in? For me, it was when I dove into the world of Steam Summer Sale nonsense in order to try and get a cosmetic item for Dota 2. This was back in 2014, and there was an Immortal-rarity helmet for the character Clockwerk. Getting the item required you to craft a Steam Summer Badge by buying games or earning points during the sale. Even though there was a good chance I’d never get it (the item had a chance to drop when you met the requirements instead of being a sure thing), I bought a ton of games I fooled myself into thinking I’d one day play and still have not installed. I spent way too much money for nothing, and still look longingly at that gold helmet.

So what have you done to get an video game goodie? Did you shave your head for a copy of Far Cry 3? Are you still buying cratefuls of Mountain Dew to get Titanfall 2 skins? Did you name your kid “Dovahkiin?” Sound off in the comments.

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