Dungeon Defenders II Gets Terraria-Infused Update

Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders II gets a Terraria-themed update today, complete with a new character inspired by the survival/crafting Re-Logic powerhouse.

Players can access the Dryad hero as well as a smattering of items, weapons, and other items from Terraria inside the framework of Dungeon Defenders II. There’s also a ton of new enemies from Terraria to take on and a new map to play on! These features come alongside other fixes and balancing.

This update for PC and PS4 is live today. Terraria players can also look forward to enjoying Dungeon Defenders coming to Terraria today as well, with special enemies and loot designed for experienced players.

Our Take
I’m a huge fan of Terraria, and seeing some of my favorite enemies thrown into a completely different game is really cool. I don’t play Dungeon Defenders II regularly, but patches like this generally get me to come back to see what’s new. I’m also probably going to hop on my Terraria server with friends and check out what Dungeon Defenders is shooting into their world.

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