Mega Man X3 Available Tomorrow On The 3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man X3, one of the Super Nintendo’s rarest games, is making its way to New 3DS Virtual Console tomorrow.

The game will be $7.99, which is significantly cheaper than its projected value on, which places even loose copies of the cartridge without a box above the $200 mark. It’s a good game, and until recently, it has been hard to come across. It was the first Mega Man X game to let you play as Zero, which is odd considering the series began with Zero as the star playable character before shifting to starring a different take on Mega Man.

[Source: Nintendo]


Our Take
I love the Mega Man series, but I have only completed Mega Man X3 once. It may be my least played Mega Man X game. It will be nice to have it on the go.

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