Maroon 5's Newest Music Video Satirizes Pokémon Go Phenomenon

Maroon 5’s most recent music video for their hit Don’t Wanna Know has a strange spin to it. The video stars lead singer Adam Levine and other celebrities such as Sarah Silverman and Vince Vaughn, dressed up in costumes that only mildly resemble Pokémon.

We see them running desperately away from swarms of people, who attempt to capture them with their phones – a nod to Pokémon Go. You can watch the video below.

Pokémon Go was a huge craze when it first released in July, and while that major popularity peak has waned, it remains to have a strong fanbase. For more, you can read about our impressions of the Pokémon Go Plus accessory that released last month, or check out the details of an upcoming update that will bring changes to capture rates and gyms. Recently, the Netherlands took Niantic to court over the issue of Pokémon Go fans crowding beaches in Kijkduin.

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