Reader Discussion – Have You Ever Modded A Console?

With the recent settlement between Sony and fans upset about the removal of the “Other OS” feature from their original-model PlayStation 3s, we thought we’d ask you a related question: have you ever decided to tinker with your console or handheld?

If memory severs I’ve never done it myself, but I remember several instances that showed me how tempting it could be. I remember looking at the old Afterburner kits for the original Game Boy Advance and wishing I could pay for one with cash, since I was too young to use a check or money order at the time. A Game Boy with a light built into it! What could be better? 

I’ve also gone and modified a few arcade sticks in my day (I’m a fan of octo-gates in my joysticks over square gates), but that’s about it. So what modifications have you made to your consoles over the years? Did you actually run Linux on a PlayStation 3, for example? Did you crack open your Xbox 360 controller to fix a stuck button?

And just in case: a general warning that you should probably not talk about how you pirated software here, or link others to where they can do that. Anything else, though, should be fine.

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