Harmonix Answers Age-Old Question In Rock Band Rivals Video

Rock Band Rivals is coming in a little over a week, adding a slew of new tracks to the game and a Behind the Music-style campaign. Players can also pick up some new instruments for the game, one of which has a pretty nifty little trick. To mark the occasion, Harmonix has released a new video that may not seem at all relevant. Stick with it. Honest.

The video, Will it Bend, features host Josh Harrison testing a variety of objects to see if  they can be bent. He’s remarkably successful in his efforts, or at least he is until he isn’t.

Rock Band Rivals is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox one on October 18. Check out our preview for a deeper look at what you can expect to see in the expansion, including a listing of some of the songs you can get for preordering the game.

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