It Has Been Seven Months Since This Smash Bros. Tournament And The Winners Have Not Been Paid – News

Compete, a site focusing on esports, reports on the curious case of a tournament called BEAST 7 in Sweden. Over half a year after BEAST 7 took place in February, several of the winners have been expressing their discontent and bafflement at where exactly the money for their winnings went.

Compete solicited a statement from the organizers, who expressed skepticism that the winners would be paid at all. 

Smash Bros. players have previously expressed issues that their tournament scenes are not taken seriously by Nintendo or organizers, leading to issues with money and even contemplation of unionizing for realistic breaks. As EVO numbers for both Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U rise, tournaments will presumably grow more professional or be forced out.

[Source: Compete]

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