Dystopian Town-Building Game The Tomorrow Children Is Being Shut Down – News

Sony is pulling the plug on Q Games’ The Tomorrow Children, a dystopian free-to-play online game, where players collaboratively rebuild a ’60s era Russian town together after disaster strikes.

Officially announced via the Japanese PlayStation Blog and later tweeted by the development team, the PlayStation exclusive is shutting down globally in November. This is just a little over a year following the game’s debut.

The Tomorrow Children will be pulled from the PlayStation Store as of September 28 and servers close as of November 1. If you wanted to check out The Tomorrow Children, these last few months are your last chance. You can watch a behind-the-scenes trailer by heading here.


Our Take
It’s always a shame to see online games shut down or removed from a digital storefront, but even I had forgotten completely about The Tomorrow Children. I remember being intrigued by its unique premise and then never checking it out. Perhaps this was due to poor promotion for the game since this closure has come so quickly. Did you ever play The Tomorrow Children? Let us know in the comments.

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