Reader Discussion: What Do You Want From The Next Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC? – News

Breath of the Wild’s Master Trials DLC released late last week, and serves up some fun challenges and hidden secrets. Nintendo teased a few glimpses of the upcoming Champion’s Ballad DLC today, but details remain sparse – meaning it’s the perfect time to speculate about what we might see and what we want from it.

Based on previous announcements, we know that Champion’s Ballad will feature a new dungeon, challenges, and an original story that involves Breath of the Wild’s Champions. Beyond that is anyone’s guess. Master Trials offered up some interesting additions such as a medallion that lets you add a custom fast-travel spot to the map and a Hero’s Path feature that displays everywhere you’ve traveled for up to 200 hours on your map.

So, what would you like to see in Champion’s Ballad? Any new items or abilities that would boost your return to Hyrule? What do you want from the new story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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