Street Fighter EX Developer’s New Project, Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Be Playable At Evo – News

During this year’s April Fools, we saw the reveal of a real game: A new fighting game project from Arika, the creators of the PlayStation-era fighting series Street Fighter EX. The trailer (which you can find below) features updated versions of Arika’s original characters duking it out. For many hardcore fighting fans, this was a huge surprise. Another surprise: The still-unnamed game will be playable at this year’s Evo tournament.

The announcement was originally made on Arika’s official Facebook page, then confirmed by Evo organizer Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar on Twitter.

The tournament also announced that two other unreleased fighting games will be at the event: Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will also be playable at the event, including tournaments with prizes entrants can win.

Our Take
Evo expands its reach every year, becoming as much of a convention for fighting games as it is a tournament. So it only makes sense for it to partner with companies to have new fighting games available at the event. This will also be the Arika project’s big reveal to a Western audience, which is exciting.

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