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The recent release of the first bit of Breath of the Wild DLC begs the question: Is this season pass going to be worth it? The next bit of DLC looks a bit more substantial, but we’re not sure if the whole thing will hold up as a good purchase in the long run. That’s always the rub with season passes, though: By the time you realize you’re getting a raw deal, it’s usually too late.

So we want to know: What’s the most you’ve felt validated after buying a season pass, and when have you felt the most betrayed? I think the best season pass I’ve ever bought was for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which had two pieces of DLC that were not only substantial, but fantastic additions to the base game as well, adding new gameplay elements and several hours to an already dense game. The worst one I’ve bought would probably have to be Street Fighter V’s first season, for a couple reasons: One, release schedule got bungled halfway through, and there’s so much content the season pass doesn’t get you that eventually Capcom rebranded it as a “Character Pass.” Season two is a bit more honest, but it’s looking like that’s also falling behind with regard to scheduling.

Let us know most and least favorite seasons passes in the comments.

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