Where Is Our Prey Review? – News

Arkane’s new sci-fi horror game hits digital and physical stores today, so where is Game Informer‘s review? We received our review copies yesterday and are currently playing through game.

Within the first few hours, it’s become apparent that Prey is a title with a fair amount of depth. Talos-1 is huge, which means Prey has a lot to explore; we’re going to take our time with it and see how deep those systems go and just how flexible and interesting the gameplay, story, and setting are.

I’m enjoying my time with Prey. It’s very much a game in the mold of System Shock and Bioshock, letting you mod your character with powerups to survive a dangerous alien outbreak. Scouring Talos-1 for supplies and sneaking around monsters is surprisingly fun and the powers Prey lets you use are also entertaining, like letting you pick up massive objects to hurl at enemies or transform into coffee mugs to get through tight spaces. So far, Prey is a compelling systems-driven game even if the gunplay is slightly unsatisfying and the story beats a little too familiar.

We’ll post our review as soon as we can, but in the meantime, check out our archived livestream and cover story features.

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