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As noted 21st-century scholar Jeff Marchiafava once said, we are living in the age of spoilerphobia. People don’t want to spoiled on key plot points about games, books, and movies, and companies like Atlus are increasingly starting to prevent people from leaking spoilers, as well. But I always keep thinking: What’s the worst that could happen?

I’m sure I’ve been spoiled on lots of stuff, but I can’t point to any instance where I learning about a twist or ending actively killed my interest in a story. In fact, back when I used to regular a comic shop, one of the ways the older people there got me to read the more obscure comics was by flat out telling me the craziest things that happened in them. But I can also imagine what it might be like playing through BioShock for the first time but already knowing how the whole thing ends.

So we want to know: what’s the most a spoiler has ever soured your experience of a piece of media? Never saw Star Wars because of that one thing between Luke and Vader? Were you unable to make to through The Last of Us because someone told you about the ending? Have you had any experiences like mine, where you ended consuming something you otherwise wouldn’t have because someone laid it all out for you? Let us know!

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