Watch Us Play Six Hours Of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild On Switch – Features

Update: The stream is over, but the full YouTube archive is now online! Watch us play the opening of the game, try out a ton of amiibos, and take on some powerful enemies you really shouldn’t be taking on that early in the game.

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Original Story:

Today marks the release of a new Nintendo console and a new Zelda, and we will be celebrating the event by playing the game for a long time.

We’ll be streaming The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild until 5 p.m. CT. We’ll be starting from the beginning of the game and will be available to answer your questions about the new Zelda (a game we’ve spent a lot of time with), and the new console we will be playing it on (a system we’ve spent a lot of time with).

Come join us! And make sure to check out all the features from our Breath of the Wild feature hub by clicking the banner.

You can click this banner below to watch the stream on Twitch or Youtube on Friday, or just tune in here using the embedded video below.

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