[Update] Overwatch Teases New Hero In Altered Numbani Map – News

Update 2/25/17: Evidence of a new character’s inclusion has shown up within the game client itself. In the PC-only Public Test Realm, the Numbani map has been altered. Doomfists’ gauntlet, which was housed within the payload, seems to have been stolen, with signs of a break-in. Additionally, the airport (which was the attacking team’s starting area) shows the same signs of struggle the previous photos did. All of this seems to point to Doomfist, or someone related to him, being the next hero to join the roster.

Original Story: What looks to be the second tease regarding an upcoming Overwatch character has just hit Overwatch social feeds. An image of a devastated Numbani airport, complete with a smashed, busted up, (and often probed for “secret info”) flight board.

Blizzard’s message with the image is as follows:

[BREAKING] OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with
unidentified attacker at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties

The “OR15” defense robots apparently failed to hold the line, with the central bot being seemingly flattened and pummeled into the rock wall. The first tease earlier this week that gave us the character of Efi Oladele mentions these OR15 defense bots explicitly, noting it is her dream to create something that keeps us safe like them.


Our Take
While the battering and pummeling may strongly suggest that Doomfist may have a role in this attack and is still the next hero on deck, I think the narrative is coming together more clearly now. Oladele will clearly be dismayed by the results of this massive attack, and dedicate herself to creating a defense robot that will NEVER let people down. That’s a good of a guess as any right now, right? We’ll see what develops as Blizzard keeps peeling away the layers as it teases a new Overwatch addition.

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