Reader Discussion – What's Your Favorite Side Quest?

Earlier this week we ran a feature about how developers create side quests, those delicious extra bits of story or gameplay we love to revel in. Side quests can make a game's world feel more lived-in, let you learn more about your favorite characters, and sometimes, they're the best part of the whole game.

So we want to know: what's your favorite side quest? Mine is probably the "Anju's Anguish" side quest from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask. It's an elaborate, twisting quest designed around the game's three-day cycle. You probably won't be able to unfurl it the first time you see it poking out and calling to you, as it requires items from other parts of the game to complete in full. But when you finally put it all together, and manage to get execute it within a single cycle, it not only offers the best exploration of the game's most divisive concept, but also a tender love story that's perfectly in line with the game's sad tone.

What's your favorite? Partial to the Loyalty Missions in Mass Effect 2? Love Batman: Arkham City's mix of collectibles and optional bosses? Let us know in the comments.

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