Hand-Drawn Puzzle Game Gorogoa Arrives This Spring – News

Jason Roberts’ Gorogoa, a unique puzzle game about manipulating a sequence of images to tell a story, was first revealed almost five years ago. Now, we’ve gotten another peek at the game with a new trailer.

Reminiscent of the mobile game Framed, you move square images to create a connecting story. It is currently available to demo at PAX South at Annapurna Interactive’s booth.

Late last year, we found out that Annapurna, a production company known for films such as Sausage Party and Zero Dark Thirty, has expanded into the games industry. Gorogoa is one of the titles that is being published by the company. Annapurna is also behind the upcoming game What Remains of Edith Finch, which is one of our most anticipated 2017 adventure titles.

Gorogoa is expected to release this spring.

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