Grasshopper's Switch Game Will Be The First Suda 51-Directed Title In 10 Years

Suda 51 had a bit of an odd presentation at this week’s Nintendo Switch event. He said he wanted to make a game with No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown in it, but didn’t say it would be a new entry in the No More Heroes series. He talked about what he wants to do with the Switch, but didn’t show anything.

In an interview with 4Gamer, however, Suda shed some light the game’s release date, as well as his role in the game’s development. When asked if the game will be No More Heroes 3, he declined to answer, but said that, “the script will be completely written by me, and for the first time in 10 years, I’m also doing the direction.” As to how far he is in directing and writing up the game’s plot he says that “while I haven’t written it down to the plot, the overall picture and essential parts have been solidified.”

Also involved with the game is Yuusuke Kozaki, who designed the characters for No More Heroes 1 and 2: Desperate Struggle (and who drew the image of Travis seen at the Switch presentation). Finally, Suda mentioned the game will not release this year, and that’s still very early on in development.

[Source: 4Gamer via Gematsu]


Our Take
Tracking the history of which Grasshopper Games Suda has directed is a bit strange. Though several titles list him as “Director” or “Executive Director,” he hasn’t been at the helm of a new game since No More Heroes. Since then, other directors have taken up the mantle while Suda stayed on in a more managerial role (No More Heroes 2 was directed by Nobutaka Ichiki, Shadows of the Damned was directed by Massimo Guarini even though it was called “A Suda 51 Trip.” The list goes on).

In recent interviews about The Silver Case (the remaster of his first game as the leader of Grasshopper), he’s mentioned he’s wanted to get back into directing and working with a small team again. Considering part of his presentation talked about how much he spoke with indie developers before working on his Switch game, all of these hints could point to something bearing more of his mark, as well as a smaller scale than previous Grasshopper titles. Whether this ends up being a No More Heroes games is uncertain, but my guess is no, and I’d prefer it that way.

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