Valve Teases Major '7.00' Patch For Dota 2 With Countdown Timer

Update: Valve has posted a short blog entry stating that the patch will indeed be hitting live servers this Monday. They have also added the trailer to their Youtube channel, which you can find below.

Original Story: At the end of an intense week of Dota 2 matches at The Boston Major, we got to see something we haven’t gotten from Valve in a while: a teaser.

After the closing ceremonies, the event rolled a trailer cataloging many of Dota 2’s patch numbers. The game is currently on version 6.88f, and many were expecting the reveal of the patch notes for 6.89, which would be the first major patch for the game in several months. The counter eventually rolled right past 6.88, then 6.89, then ended at 7.00, with a countdown timer that expires at 11am CST tomorrow.

IceFrog, Dota 2’s mysterious caretaker, used his second-ever Tweet (the first congratulated the winner of the Boston Major on their victory) to reveal that the countdown timer is for when the patch will hit the game’s test server for some initial tire-kicking before hitting the main server.

When the patch will go live on the main client remains to be seen: It can be a day or a week, depending on how stable the patch is. 

When the official notes do hit, we’ll update this post highlighting some of the major changes.

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Our Take
This is going to sound like the silliest thing, but the leap from 6.88 to 7.00 suggests major changes unlike those of even previous patches, which do tend to make substantial alterations to the game’s map, heroes, and structure. Who knows if titling the counter to “7.00” is just a way to hype up this current patch, or if it will indeed make changes that will redefine the game for years to come. We’ll find out tomorrow! 

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