Niantic Expands Availability For Pokémon Go's Updated Nearby And Sightings Features

San Francisco has been enjoying exclusivity on the upgraded Nearby and Sightings features of Pokémon Go – until now.

The feature, which shows off which Pokémon are close to which nearby PokéStops, is now available in states west of the Mississippi River (except Hawaii and Alaska) in America, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the western half of Ontario in Canada, and all of Australia.

In its post detailing the update, Niantic is continuing to refer to the feature as a test, and doesn’t offer any hints regarding when the features will be universally available.

In other Pokémon Go news, the Thanksgiving bonus XP event has officially started, and more importantly, Ditto is now officially in the game.

[Source: Pokémon Go]

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