Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge Event Offers Overwatch Skin

As part of its slew of announcements for Blizzcon this year, Blizzard has launched Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge for the year. Playing the game with friends in the coming weeks will net you all sorts of prizes, not the least of which is an exclusive Overwatch skin.

In order to get the Oni skin for Genji in Overwatch, you’ll have to group up with at least one friend and play 15 games of Heroes of the Storm with them. You can play those games in any mode, including in the Co-op vs. AI mode, which features only you, your friends, and some bots. Along with netting you a new skin, playing 15 games will also give you a spray and in-game icon featuring the Oni Skin for Overwatch, and will unlock Zarya and an Oni character picture in Heroes of the Storm.

If you’re interested in grabbing more rewards for Heroes of the Storm while you have your friends’ attention, playing 30 games with them will unlock a few characters and bonuses for Heroes of the Storm. You will earn the characters Auriel, Greymane, Kerrigan, and Li-Ming, the Orochi Hovercycle Mount, and a 30-Day Stimpack, which will increase the amount of experience earned from playing games.

The Nexus Challenge will run from November 15 to January 4.


Our Take
Playing Heroes of the Storm will cut into my valuable Overwatch time, but it’s been a while since I played HotS, so I’m okay with having a reason to jump back in. I don’t even play Genji. Free Zarya’s the goal.

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