'Garfémon' Reimagines The Original 151 Pokémon As Garfield

Shawn Bowers is an artist who has decided to use his talents for a horrific purpose: render each of the first 150 Pokémon as Garfield.

On this Tumblr blog titled “Garfémon” you can see how each Pokémon would like look if they a) hated Mondays and b) were the absolute most terrifying thing you’d ever seen.

Asked why he chose to tackle the project, Bowers replies simply: “I don’t know, man, why is the sky blue?  Why do saxophones make jazz?  Why are saxophones gold?” Well said, Mr. Bowers. Well said.

You can find a few more Garf-ied Pokémon below, as well as on Bowers’ Instagram and Tumblr pages.

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