Nintendo Is Unveiling The NX Console Tomorrow Morning

Although it’s slated to release in March of next year, we still don’t know much about Nintendo’s upcoming NX console, besides a bevy of rumors and teased information. If rumors are true, the console will be something of a console-handheld hybrid.

Whatever the rumors, come tomorrow morning, we should have the basic details about Nintendo’s next foray into the video game market. Tomorrow at 7am Pacific time, the company will be showing a “preview trailer” of the console, which “will serve as Nintendo’s preliminary announcement of information regarding the platform.”

You can watch the stream tomorrow morning at


Our Take
Wow. This is kind of out of nowhere, huh? I’m a little worried that the “preview trailer” wording means we won’t get the deep dive into specifics we’re all craving, but my guess is we’ll at least get to see what the thing looks like during the stream.

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