Latest Update For Doom Adds Arcade And Multiplayer Modes, Classic Map Modules

Part of what made this year’s Doom so great was its return to a more classic, arcade style of shooting. It keeps the action high and the cutscenes low, meaning you’re always in the thick of it and shooting more demons.

With its latest update to the game, Bethesda and Id are hoping to further harness that style. The update adds a new arcade mode which allows players to go into every level with every gun, rune and equipment fully upgraded and compete with their friends online for high scores.

The update also adds new “Classic Modules,” which let players build levels resembling those of earlier games. Finally, two new multiplayer modes, Possession and Bloodrush, create asychronous teams of Marines and Prowler demons and have players managing their ability to respawn, respectively. The update is available now. You can watch a trailer for the update below.


Our Take
This is a pretty good update all around. I can’t say I’m too excited by anything having to do with multiplayer, but the arcade mode should let people who loved Doom’s gameplay but don’t want to have to work through the game’s campaign to play more of it play around with its gunplay undeterred. 

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