Razer Acquires THX

THX, the major audio company founded by George Lucas in 1983, has been purchased by PC Gaming company Razer, according to a report by The Verge. THX has played a significant in establishing audio standards in theaters, homes, gaming hardware, and car stereos and is also recognized 

Razer intends to let THX operate independently and, according to CEO Min-Liang Tan, Razer is mostly interested in the “the phenomenal brand that THX have.” Tan went on to tell The Verge that “The whole entertainment space is converging…we’re seeing music videos shot in 360, movie IP going into games and game IP going into movies.”

Tan did not reveal whether or not Razer had any plans to explicitly use THX technology in its hardware.

[Source: The Verge]

Our Take
THX is definitely a huge brand, one that even general consumers are at least aware of because of its connection to Star Wars and George Lucas. We’re curious to see how Razer plans to use its new acquisition even if they do leave the company untouched.

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