Reader Discussion: Are You Picking Up PlayStation VR Next Week?

As of next week, PlayStation VR is hitting the retail market. We’ve published our review of the headset, where we noted issues such as peripheral vision not being entirely obscured and low screen resolution, but we felt that it was still a worthwhile showcase for VR.

With PSVR having the lowest price tag in comparison to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it’s the most consumer-friendly option and most accessible for console gamers, but remains a risk as VR continues to struggle to maintain consumer interest. Are you investing in PlayStation VR at launch? Do you plan to pick up the headset at a later date, or not at all?

I’ve never been one to buy hefty priced electronics at launch, and I doubt I’ll be doing so here. I’ve had a chance to try all three of the big name VR headsets and my preference leans more towards the Vive and Rift since they seem to provide a more high quality VR experience. Also, because of their earlier release, they have a larger library of games. I really enjoy VR, but I’m not convinced that it’ll be taking off when even the lowest priced headset still costs as much as a console.

Nonetheless, PSVR has some neat stand-out launch titles, including Until Dawn: Rush of Blood where you ride a carnival-esque rollercoaster and shoot at disturbing foes, as well as Batman Arkham VR which is short but fun as you take the role of Bruce Wayne and use his array of gadgets.

Let us know in the comments whether you’ll be picking up the PSVR or not!

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