Upcoming Pokémon Go Update Makes Leveling Easier

An upcoming update to the mobile hit will soon let you pick a Pokémon buddy to level up as you walk.

In a recent blog post, Niantic detailed an upcoming update that will allow users to choose a Buddy Pokémon, which will create, “unique in-game rewards and experiences. Buddy Pokémon will appear alongside your Trainer avatar on your profile screen, adding helpful bonuses such as awarding Candy for walking together. You’ll also have the ability to change your Buddy Pokémon at any time.”

The updates should be available this fall. In the meantime, be sure to watch our man on the street video, where we ask the public what they thought of Pokémon Go shortly after its release, or read our interview with Niantic founder John Hanke.

[Source: PokémonGoLive]


Our Take
This seems really smart. I have a lot of Pokémon I’d love to level, but but I don’t have enough candy for them all. This also helps mitigate some of the luck of just finding a rare Pokémon and gets back to the basic idea of getting people out of the house and walking around.

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