Yelp Adds Pokéstop Filter

Not sure where to find the Pokéstops closest to you? Can’t zoom out far enough from your hotel room in a strange city? Have something mean to say about a restaurant? All of those things can be handled with the same app now.

Yelp has added a new Pokéstop filter to its mobile app and desktop site. All you need to do is run a search for a type of business. Once you have your results, look through the filter options for “Pokéstop Nearby.”

The company is asking for your help to improve the filter. If you find a business near a Pokéstop, check in and answer a question that will help identify new locations.

The features is currently available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

[Source: Yelp]


Our Take
Just like yesterday’s T-Mobile promotion, this offers strong synergy between the Pokémon Go experience and another lifestyle app. I’m not sure how long this Pokécraze will last, but I’m glad for all these convenience options while it’s hot.

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