Reader Discussion: What Has Been Your Best Pokémon Go Experience?

Niantic’s little geocatching app has taken over the world as people from all walks of life eagerly catch Pokémon. How many have you caught? And have you had any great Pokémon hunting experiences?

Let’s put aside the fact that the app keeps freezing and that we’ve all had problems connecting to Niantic’s servers. Yes, there are a lot of problems with Pokémon Go, but it’s still a great concept. Just a couple of days ago, I went to a park to catch Pokémon. This was at 11pm, but there were still hundreds of people outside trying to catch those little buggers. Anytime someone caught a rare Pokémon, they would call it out and a mass of hundreds of people would run across the park to catch the Squirtle, or Onix, or whatever else it was. At one point, someone started blasting the Pokérap from their car. I exchanged Pokéball throwing tips with a few people, and almost tripped over someone’s dog. It was an incredibly cool atmosphere, and it’s one of the most unique yet entertaining social gaming experiences I’ve ever had. (Too bad that app keeps freezing!)

What about you? Have you had any great Pokémon Go experiences? Please be safe while hunting Pokémon. Also, if you’re curious to know more about Niantic’s plans for Pokémon Go, read our interview with company founder John Hanke

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